Ôkéanos is an expert by your side to provide you with the best seafood supply service.

We offer to:


> Define your needs and provide solutions;

> Select MSC labeled products;

> Check the origin of the products made available to you;

> Guarantee the availability of your products by setting up supply schedules;

> Original packaging or with our partners in France.


Created in 1998 by Thierry Le Guyader, Ôkéanos is a company specializing in the import and marketing of frozen seafood.

Thierry Le GuyaderFurther back in history, in Greek mythology, Ôkéanos is “the greatest of rivers”, the one that gives birth to all rivers on Earth. Metaphorically, we can say that all species from all the oceans in the world come from Okeanos.

Ôkéanos sells its products across the EU, the first market being the French market. All products sold respect the different production stages and quality standards. The certifications obtained demonstrate a very strong desire for responsible fishing and farming.

Over the years, Ôkéanos has developed a strong network of trustworthy partners, producers, processors and exporters.

In 2002, Ôkéanos invested in a factory located in Norway (Finmark), which is an important producer of cod, pollock, halibut and sea bass. These productions led to the signature of many contracts with the distribution industry and the French industry. A few years later, Ôkéanos sold its stake, and withdrew from production, in order to devote itself exclusively to frozen seafood trade.